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  • Twyla Tharp: The Creative Habit
  • Seth Godin: The Purple Cow


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A would-be creative person with a passion for beauty, good design, and functionality.

i also enjoy helping people get what they want and need. a lifelong interest in psychology, my own and others'.

i evolved from being under one nest, to marrying into another nest, to jumping out of that nest to building a part-time nest for my children, to finally winging it on my own.

at this time of my life, i value myself, my relationships, and other people in general much more than before. i am learning to be more generous with my acceptance of others, my sense of humor, and my tolerance.

my desire is to be creative every day, and to try to inspire others to reach their potential. (dont think i've reached mine yet).


i enjoy writing, helping my kids and grandkids, playing tennis and bridge. my hobbies are speaking spanish and learning how to be in business.